An increasing number of employers and corporations focus on employee health and wellness to get their employees and plan members to engage in healthy behavior as a way to reduce healthcare and health insurance costs.

The Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® is a certification of expertise offered by the Corporate Health & Wellness Association (CHWA). The certification requires 10 Modules of training/classes and can be completed either live in-person at a CHWA event or online.

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist®

Becoming a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® provides you with a competitive edge in the industry by demonstrating to employers and colleagues that you:

  • Possess the training and knowledge to successfully implement and manage a wellness program
  • Comprehend the different types of wellness programs and learn how to tailor one to  meet the needs of your specific corporate culture
  • Demonstrate that you are up to date with current best practices on an ongoing basis through continuing education credits required for re-certification
  • Possess the qualifications and abilities for job promotion and career enhancement

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