Biometric Screening & Future Employer Medical Costs – Is It Worth It?

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Is biometric screening a part of your wellness program? Do you know if your wellness program is beneficial to your employees and you as an employer? How do you measure effectiveness of your program? This educational webinar will explore biometric screening as part of wellness programs and how to understand its impact of your organization.
During this interactive webinar, we will:
  • Discuss the growth of wellness programs despite limited research
  • Identify problems with current evaluations of wellness programs
  • Explore the true value of biometric screening

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Presented By:

Greg Vanichkachorn, MD, MPH
Corporate Health Director
Kalispell Regional Health Care

Greg Vanichkachorn, MD, MPH (Dr. Van), develops & medically directs internal & external wellness programs that include biometric screening, education, marketing, program evaluation, & research.

Vicky Ridenour
Wellness and Convenient Care

Vicky Ridenour, MT (ASCP), is the Sales and Marketing Director for Wellness and Convenient Care at Abbott. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology/Allied Health from Roosevelt University and two Associate Degrees (Science and Applied Science in Clinical Lab Technology) from Elgin Community College.

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Moderated By:

Jonathan Edelheit, JD
Principal & Co-founder
Global Healthcare Resources

Jonathan Edelheit touches over 2 million executives and professionals through his portfolio of companies and his network, his magazines, events, and over 1 million members of his LinkedIn Groups. Mr. Edelheit spends his time working with the C-suite of health insurance companies, employer/corporations, brokers and governments in the US and abroad on the adoption of innovation and disruption allowing their organizations to excel and be outliers of success.

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This webinar counts towards CE credit for both the CCWS, CVBS and SHRM designations.

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